Scientists Learn More on the Genetics of Lung Cancer

Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have discovered that people with genetic pre-disposition are twice at risks of developing lung cancer. It is suspected that the urge to smoke might be high in these people.

10 percent people are found to inherit this gene, present in the chromosome 15, from their parents. The exact mechanism of how this gene increases the risks of developing lung cancer and higher smoke urge is yet to be understood.

An important progress of this study is that the researchers are applying this knowledge for developing a blood test to diagnose the cancer of lungs early.

The discovered gene in chromosome 15 is responsible for causing adenocarcinoma type of cancer. Women are more at risk of developing this disease than men.

The experts have focused their further study on the finding the ways in which this gene affects the functioning of white blood cells. Any success in this direction can definitely lead to early diagnosis of the dreadful cancer of the lungs.

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