How Pollution Affects Diabetic Patients

It is a known fact that the particles in the polluted air cause heart and lung complications. But, the exact mechanism is not understood yet. According to a recent study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspective, researchers have learnt how the tiny particulates in the air affect the heart in diabetic patients.

Experts from the Rochester Medical Center have found that pollutants in air increase the number of platelets in the blood of type 2 diabetes patients. Apart from this, the risk of dying from heart ailments is double in diabetic patients.

The study found the levels of another determinant known as the von Willebrand factor to be high in these patients after the exposure to polluted air, along with platelets levels.

The latter in the presence of air pollution trigger the risk of heart attack. While the impact of these factors in a healthy individual is negligible, they are more pronounced in diabetic and asthma patients.

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