Adolescent Boys and Girls Experience Friendship with Opposite Gender Differently

In childhood, boys and girls make friends from their own gender. During puberty, they experience what friendship with opposite gender is all about. According to Canadian researchers, this experience of transition in friendship is different in boys and girls. The results of the study are published in the Journal of Research on Adolescence, March 2011.

The study found that girls make friendship with boys early in their lives and the effects of this change are experienced by them at a faster rate than in boys. This development increases the chances of substance abuse in the former at an early age.

In boys, no such detrimental effects were observed. In fact, the researchers found that boys received more emotional support from their girl friends thus proving the bonding to be beneficial for them. The opposite was not true. Girls have to seek emotional support from other girls only.

The study emphasizes on the fact that parents of young girls have to be more vigilant on the friendship of their wards with older boys. The later become the source of substance abuse in young girls.

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