World’s Famous Women Leaders

As we are celebrating International Women’s Day this week, we must know about the various fields where women have made a mark. Let’s discuss about the world’s famous women leaders.

Women have always ruled since the dawn of time. They have been an integral part of politics for a long time now. In 3000 BC, Egyptian queens governed the Mesopotamian region. After the Great War, women hold offices in several governments. Sirimavo Bandaranaike became the first woman Prime Minister of Sri Lanka in 1960. Isabel Peron became the first woman to become democratically elected when she became President of Argentina in 1974. There was a majority of women ministers in Sweden, which is recognized as the first country to host these many women ministers.

In this article, we discuss about five successful women leaders – Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, Rosa Parks and Benazir Bhutto.

Indira Gandhi –
Indira Gandhi

  • She was the first woman Prime Minister of India and she is credited with completing three terms of government, that is a period of 14 years.
  • In the elections of 1971, she was instrumental in her policy of Abolish Poverty (“Garibi Hatao”).
  • She was also successful in winning the war against Pakistan. After this, she imposed emergency on the country. this action made her most unpopular among Indian population and this made her lose the following elections.
  • When she again gained power, she somehow gained the abhorrence of Sikhs. She authorized an attack on the Golden Temple of Amritsar, a famous religious spot of Sikhism acting on the information of Intelligence department that terrorists were hiding there. In a counterattack, her Sikh bodyguards assassinated her.

Margaret Thatcher –
Margaret Thatcher

  • She was a student of law and chemistry. She became the education minister and faced resistance from some student revolutionaries.
  • She was the Prime Minister of UK for 11 years.
  • She was regarded to be a conservative whose leadership lead to the breakup of Soviet Union, that helped the end of Cold War.
  • Margaret Thatcher was a hardcore capitalist which lead to the reduction of government spending and was all for privatization and deregulation.
  • She gained much popularity when she waged a war against Argentina on the Falkland Island.
  • Her tax policy was not liked by her country’s folks in her third term.
  • Margaret strongly opposed the European Community as she felt it interfered with the UK’s sovereignty and lead to problems that came with big government.
  • She faced opposition from the miner’s union and IRA (Irish Republican Army).
  • She became a historical figure as she was a notable orator and the first woman to lead a political party in any European country.

Angela Merkel –
Angela Merkel

  • Angela Merkel was born on July 17, 1954.
  • She is the Head of Government in Germany.
  • Since April 2000, Angela is the President of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). She is also the President of CDU-CSU group.
  • Angela is also the leader of the coalition of (SPD) Social Democratic Party of Germany and CSU.
  • She is the Chairperson of the G8 and the President of the European Council.
  • In the matters of internal affairs in Germany, she is directly involved in energy policy and health policy.
  • She was ranked number 1 in the list of 100 most powerful women in the world in Forbes magazine.
  • In 2008, she was awarded the Charlemagne Prize for her contribution to the betterment of the EU.

Rosa Parks –
Rosa Parks

  • She was a civil rights leader, who fought for the freedom of black citizens of the US.
  • In 1955, she disobeyed a bus man’s command to vacate her seat and make space for a white citizen.
  • This action triggered the “Montgomery Bus Boycott”, which was a movement against racial discrimination in buses. This action lead to a change in law as it caused reduction in income for public transport. This made racial segregation illegal.
  • This lady became an important image of civil rights protests.
  • She also worked with Martin Luther King and got awards from the United States Congress and NAACP (The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People).
  • Rosa Parks also wrote an autobiography, “Rosa Parks: My Story” and died at the age of 92.

Benazir Bhutto –
Benazir Bhutto

  • She was the Prime Minister of Pakistan, who served for two terms.
  • Benazir Bhutto is recognized as the first female head of a Muslim country and presided over PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party).
  • She was a Sindhi and a Shia Muslim.
  • She was removed from power for reasons of corruption.
  • Benazir received an amnesty from President Musharraf for all the corrupt wrongdoings.
  • During the elections of 2008, she was assassinated at a gathering organized by PPP.

The above are a few women leaders who have been recognized for changing the world for better. There are various other leaders who have scaled greater heights. Some are born leaders while others learned the skill and acquired qualities to become good and efficient leaders of society. These women were and are efficient, competent, straightforward and broad minded. These women are the ones who make International Women’s Day, a special event.

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