Marijuana Use Popular in High School


A recent study among Connecticut high school students reveals that around 40% have used marijuana. The study was conducted among 4,097 students. This survey reveals that marijuana use is a popular pastime among high school students. The results were published in The Journal of Addiction Medicine.

Marijuana using students were more likely to score average grades. Teenagers with a single parent and employed students were more likely to use marijuana. This survey has also thrown up interesting facts about race and marijuana use.

Caucasian girls and African-American boys were most likely to use marijuana. Asian-American girls reported much less attraction to the drug. Not surprisingly, marijuana use led to risky behaviors such as smoking cigarettes, steroid use, fighting, drinking and gambling.

Health experts say that these findings are disturbing as heavy marijuana use can affect the brains of adolescents at at a stage when their brains are growing. Marijuana use among high school students cannot be dismissed lightly, they say.

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