Leisurely Meals Do Not Stop Snacking: Study


A research study in the Netherlands reveals that a leisurely meal at a restaurant does not stop people from snacking afterwards. The research was conducted at Maastricht University and its results were revealed in the The Journal of Nutrition.

The respondents said a leisurely meal made them feel more satisfied, but this did not impact their snacking habits. Those who ate a leisurely meal spread over two hours, and those who ate a regular meal lasting about 30 minutes, both ended up eating the same amount of snacks afterwards.

The Dutch study reveals that if you place tasty snacks before people, they would start gorging if even they feel sated from their previous meal. Thus, food environment plays an important role in people’s eating habits.

The results could be significant for American citizens, about 66% of whom are obese or overweight. Physical inactivity and overeating are the main causes of obesity. Most Americans also eat at least one meal a day outside their home. Researchers are studying the impact of fast food and restaurant meals in causing obesity.

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