Depression Might Increase Kidney Failure Risk

According to a study which will be published in the journal Clinical Journal of the American Society Nephrology , depression might be associated with an increased kidney failure risk in the future. About 10% of the Americans suffer from depression in their lifetime. Depression seems to be related to the chronic kidney disease and might be 20% more common among people with kidney problems than those without the kidney disease.

Dr. William Kop, the lead investigator and the team, studied about 5,785 individuals from four different countries for 10 years. The participants were 65 or above and were not on dialysis. They were asked to complete a questionnaire to measure the depressive symptoms and other medical measurements like the risk factors for heart diseases and kidney problems. The study showed that depression might predict the rapid decline in the kidney function, onset of severe kidney disease and hospitalizations due to acute kidney injury.

Researchers feel that individuals with high depressive symptoms have a higher kidney disease risk. The association between kidney disease and depression was higher in the healthy individuals with other medical conditions like heart disease or diabetes.

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