Tips for Teenage Single Mothers

Teenage mother

If you are a teenage single mother, you may be wondering how to tackle your responsibilities. It is certainly a tough situation to be in, but it can be handled well with foresight and dedication. Read on to learn useful tips for teenage single mothers.

Stay in School

Teenage mothers are hard-pressed for time, as their baby is likely to keep them busy day and night. Infants sometimes refuse to sleep at night and this keeps the mother awake as well. All these issues may make the teenage mother think about quitting school. However, the wise thing to do would be to stay in school and get a degree. Without a diploma or degree, your career will not take off and would be stuck doing odd jobs for the rest of your life.

Build Healthy Relationships

Your bad experience with the baby’s father should not deter you from socializing. Build and maintain healthy relationships with your friends and family members. The elderly persons in your family could offer you much needed advice and support. But, if some people try to take advantage of your situation or disrespect you, end the relationship immediately.

Learn About Options
As a teenage single mother, finance will be an important issue for you. If you are lucky, your parents may be able to support you. But, it is better to finish your education so that you can stand on your own feet in the future. Learn about U.S. government programs such as WIC (Women, Infants and Children), which provide help to teen mothers.

Plan Ahead
Your future plans would need to include the caring of your baby too. Therefore, you need to plan in advance. You should look for jobs that allow you to work from home or have flexible timings. Find a caring nanny for your baby. If you have good relationships with your family members, you can ask an elder to take care of your baby, while you are out studying or working.

Medical Issues
Pregnant teenagers risk premature births. Their babies also tend to be of lesser weight than normal. These factors can cause long-term health problems to the baby. Teenage mothers need to be aware of these facts, so that they can provide the best possible care to their baby.

Lower Income

Teenage single mothers are at grave risk of being relegated to the lower income group. This is because of lack of proper education, high expenses and low income potential. Teenage single mothers should be aware of this issue and work hard to get a good education, which can earn them a good job and income.

Negative Impact on Children

Research surveys reveal that children of teenage mothers face a higher risk of becoming poor students. Due to an unstable home environment, these children may suffer abuse and neglect.

We hope the above tips can enlighten teenage single mothers on the issues that need to be handled with care. Here’s to a happy motherhood.

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