Americans Poorer than the English in Health

According to a study American people have poorer health than the English. Americans have higher rates of almost all the chronic ailments and markers of the diseases than people in same age-group in England. According to Melissa Martinson, the study author from the Princeton University, the health differences between the Americans and the English are as large at young age as at old age.

Researchers studied the data on about 40,000 and 70,000 residents of the US and the UK respectively. It was observed that the American women have higher rates of stroke, blood pressure and heart attack than women in England. For American men, heart attack is higher only at a younger age. High blood pressure is the only health factor which is higher among British men than the Americans. The poor signs of health among Americans include: obesity, low “good” cholesterol level, high overall cholesterol level, diabetes, asthma and high C-reactive protein.

Martinson feels that this poor health among Americans in almost every measure should act as a wake up call for the policy makers as well as the public.

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