Stem Cell Cure for Osteoarthritis, Tennis Elbow and Tendon Injuries – Not a Distant Dream Now!

A stem cell operation performed on an injured show horse, Cadence, by Dr. Keith Brown at a Hospital in Somerset could prove to be revolutionary in treating conditions like osteoarthritis and tennis elbow in humans.

In Cadence’s case, his left fetlock joint was injured after stepping on farm equipment accidentally. In spite of surgeries, he could not get back to his normal running speed.

The stem cell procedure involved a stem cell kit which helped isolate stem cells from the fat tissue of the horse, which was collected on the day he was operated. The isolated stem cells were then transplanted into the injured area after three hours of extraction of stem cells.

The kit used in the procedure was developed by MediVet-America, which enables the veterinarians to perform the surgery and the animal can be discharged the very same day.

Though the results are yet to be proved, it can be applied to humans as well if the findings are positive.

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