Morning-After Pill Might be Safe For Regular Usage

In the US, the morning-after pill is available for people above 17 over-the-counter. However, the government discourages its usage as a regular contraceptive and it is approved only in case of an emergency. This new report which appears in the journal called Obstetrics and Gynecology states that these morning-after pills might be a safe and effective option for regular contraception.

The researchers studied around 8,400 women. These women took only half of the levonorgestrel that is present in the morning-after pill which is for a one-time use. Levonorgestrel stops the ovulation and is used in most of the morning-after pills.There were about 267 pregnancies. One of the common side effects which was experienced by women was irregular bleeding. About 70% women were fine with using the emergency pills as a regular birth-control method.

Dr. Elizabeth Raymond from the Gynuity Health Projects, New York and the study author, says that it would be nice to know how many women would like to use levonorgestrel as contraception method.

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