Tomatoes are Great for Health: Study

According to an article published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, eating tomatoes or its products is great for the health. It makes people healthy and reduces the risk of certain conditions like osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. Researchers from the Illinois Institute of Technology, the National Center for Food Safety & Technology and ConAgra Foods, Inc., studied the role of tomatoes in keeping us healthy and in the reduction of disease risks.

The researchers observed that tomato is a rich source of dietary lycopene which is a powerful antioxidants. It also has other protective mechanisms like anti-inflammatory properties and antithrombotic functions. The researchers also found a link between eating tomatoes and the reduced risk of cancer and other conditions. These conditions include cardiovascular disease, skin damage due to ultraviolet light, osteoporosis and cognitive dysfunction.

The authors feel that since tomatoes are one of the important non-starchy vegetables for Americans, the findings will help people boost their tomato consumption. It is an effective and simple way towards overall health and well-being.

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