Mother’s Blood Test Might Detect Down Syndrome in Fetus

European scientists claim that it is possible to prenatally diagnose Down Syndrome. This is possible with a simple blood test of pregnant women. This report is the latest one of the many studies carried out to find out the possibility of detecting Down Syndrome prenatally. The detection is possible through the fetal DNA which sheds into the mother’s bloodstream.

Down Syndrome, resulting in cognitive delays, is due to the presence of an extra copy of chromosome. Currently, the procedure to detect this condition is through ultrasound and blood test. For further confirmation, sample of the placenta or amniotic fluid is also examined. These procedures might involve miscarriage risks.

In the study, the scientists from Greece, Cyprus and England were able to identify 14 Down Syndrome cases correctly. This simple blood test procedure can be less risky and easy to use to diagnose Down Syndrome in the fetus. Further studies on these grounds are needed to confirm the efficacy of the procedure. The report is published in the journal Nature Medicine.

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