Infidelity Might be Predicted from the Mate’s Voice

The researchers have found a link between the voice pitch and the perceived infidelity. According to the study, women feel that men with low voice are more likely to be infidel. On the contrary, men feel women with high voice are more likely to cheat. Jillian O’Connor from the McMaster University and the lead study author, feels that men and women use the voice pitch to predict future betrayal. The more attractive the voice, the more likely the person will cheat.

The participants were made to listen to two recorded clips of male voice and female voice. These voices were manipulated electronically to be higher pitch and lower pitch. The participants were asked which out of the two voices would more likely to sexually cheat on their partner.Infidelity can be taxing for any individual. That is why, through evolutionary process, we are constantly finding ways for protection mechanism to avoid unfaithful partners.

David Feinberg, associate professor (Psychology) at the McMaster University, feels that the reason behind the influence of voice pitch on the perception of infidelity might be because of the relationship between hormones, pitch and infidelity. Men with higher levels of testosterone have low voice and women with high levels of estrogen have high voice. Higher levels of the mentioned hormones are linked to adulterous behavior. The individuals are aware of this fact and might use it while searching for a romantic partner. The study appears in the journal Evolutionary Psychology.

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