Can Gene Therapy Provide Cure for AIDS?

HIV virus is responsible for the pandemic AIDS. As of now no known cure for this disease exist. But, according to a latest research published in the journal New Scientist, experts are claiming that a promising new treatment is available for AIDS now.

According to the lead scientist of the research, Dr. Carl June from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, the break through is achieved through Gene therapy.

The technique involves obstructing the working of a gene called CCR5 in the CD4+ T cells of the immune system from the HIV patients. After alteration, these T cells are injected back into the patientai??i??s body.

HIV virus succeeds in affecting the CD4+ T cells of the immune system only if they get pass the CCR5 gene. Once this gene is blocked, the newly inserted T cells can interact with the HIV virus in such a way that it undergoes self-destruction. In this way, the virus can no longer affect the T cells.

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