Men Using Painkillers Might be at a Risk of Erectile Dysfunction

According to Dr. Joseph Gleason, a urologist at Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles, regular use of medication like acetaminophen, aspirin, Celebrex and ibuprofen might lead to erectile dysfunction. These drugs are said to stop the hormones that are responsible for the erection. However, Gleason does not prove that painkillers cause impotence. Other factors too might be responsible for the condition.

Arteries present in penis are much smaller than the ones that go to the heart. Narrow arteries do not allow the blood to flow in the penis. It is this blood flow that makes the penis swell, causing erection. The researchers observed about 81,000 men in the age group 45-69 for the study. Half of the participants said they use painkillers on a regular basis. 64% of the men on painkillers reported of never achieving an erection. After considering the other risk factors like weight, age, blood pressure and heart ailments, the researchers found that men on painkillers were at 38% higher risk of erectile dysfunction.

However, since the study does not test the effect of painkillers directly, one should not stop using them. The study is published in the Journal of Urology.

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