Laser Pointers Can Cause Eye Injuries


Ophthalmologists are warning about a dangerous new trend: the possibility of eye damage caused by high-powered laser pointers. The startling fact is that these lasers are easy to purchase online, though their power is much more than the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) legal limit.

Recently, a New York state ophthalmologist revealed the case of a high school student who suffered an eye injury after his friend pointed a laser beam at his face. This eye doctor says it is easy to buy a powerful 100-milliwatt laser pointer for as little as $28 on the Internet.

Experts say such laser toys are dangerous because lasers concentrate the light beam, making them intense. When pointed at eyes, the laser beam can raise the retina’s temperature quickly. The FDA’s limit for toy lasers is five-milliwatt. But, eye experts say even this is too high. They opine that the limit should not even be one milliwatt.

Laser makers reveal laser pointers are also fire hazards. Such easily available laser pointers are dangerous and scary, especially if children get hold of them.

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