Women With Miscarriage History Continue to Suffer from Depression For a Long Time

A study conducted at the University of Rochester Medical Center found that the anxiety and depression usually experienced by women after miscarriage might continue for a long time, even if they have a normal healthy child later. The study shows that the mental health problems of women after miscarriage or stillbirth do not get solved even after the birth of a healthy child.

13,133 pregnant women were studied for the research in the United Kingdom. The participants reported their previous miscarriages or stillbirths. Their symptoms of anxiety and depression were assessed twice during the pregnancy and four times after the birth of the child. The researchers did not find any evidence that a healthy birth can resolve the previous prenatal loss symptoms. 13% women, with one miscarriage, had depression symptoms even after 33 months of a healthy delivery. Also for 19% women with two or more miscarriages the depression symptoms were observed 33 months after the birth of a helthy child.

The study will help in assessing the risk of depression, antenatal and postnatal, in women. Maternal depression might have an adverse effect on the child as well as the family. If targeted support is offered to women with previous miscarriage history then it can improve the outcome for the women. The study is published in the journal British Journal of Psychiatry.

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