Partners of Cancer Patients Might also Fall Ill: Study

According to a study conducted at the Lund University, Sweden, found that people married to or living with a cancer patient might suffer more ailments in the years following the diagnosis of cancer. The number of diseases among the partners of cancer patients increased by 25% after the diagnosis of cancer. Katarina SjAi??vall, a cancer nurse, observed these findings. She feels it is because the partners go through anxiety and stress and their workload also increases. All this takes a toll on oneai??i??s health.

SjAi??vall studied the partners of the patients of lung cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer. She observed that there was a significant increase in the mental illness like depression. Also musculoskeletal diseases, cardiovascular diseases and abdominal diseases also increased after the cancer diagnosis. The worst affected were the partners of the lung cancer patients.

The study throws light at the importance of taking care of the partners of the cancer patients too. They too undergo lot of stress and anxiety once the disease has been diagnosed.

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