Facebook Good for Self-Esteem: Study

According to Jeffrey Hancock, Associate Professor (Communication) Cornell University, Facebook can actually have a positive effect on self-esteem of the college students. The social networking site allows the youngsters to put their best self forward. They have the option of revealing what is best in them, their credentials and their successes. At the same time, people can hide what they feel may reflect badly. The friends’ feedback on the profile also acts as positive influence to boost self-esteem.

63 Cornell students were observed in the Social Media Lab of the University. Participants were either asked to look at their Facebook profile and the associated tabs or at a turned off computer with a mirror against the screen. Those reading the Facebook profile were given three minutes to explore. All the participants had to answer a questionnaire to assess their self-esteem. Students using Facebook expressed more positive feedback of themselves. Students who edited their profiles showed highest self-esteem.

This study might break the assumption that Internet is bad as there can be psychological benefits of Facebook. It can show a positive version of the self, boosting self-esteem. The findings are published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking.

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