Many Babies Get Injured After Falling From Cribs


Cribs are supposed to be safe places where babies can rest comfortably. But, a new research study reveals that many babies suffer injuries after falling from cribs. In 90% of the cases, the infant was alone when they fell down. Most babies suffered neck and head injuries.

Such injuries increase as the children grow older. With age, many babies manage to climb out of their cribs, falling down in the process. The study was conducted by Nationwide Children’s Hospital at Columbus, Ohio. It was recently published in Pediatrics journal.

Parents and caregivers usually adjust the mattress height as babies start growing and attempt to climb out of their cribs. But, sometimes the fast growth of the baby surprises them, catching them off guard. The research analyzed 181,654 injuries to babies after they fell from bassinets, playpens or cribs. Out of these, 2,140 babies or 1.2% died, because they got wedged or caught in the crib.

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