Oscars 83 Has No Surprises

The King's SpeechInceptionThe Social NetworkProbably one night where Hollywood and LA shut down and gather around at one place; The Kodak Theater. The red carpet was graced with men in black and women in various vibrant colors; red, scarlet, gold and the air was full of excitement and panache. But one thing that was missing at the 83rd Oscars, 2011, was the suspense.

Every year, there is at least one category if not two, where the Oscars committee would surprise everyone with a surprise choice, especially in one of the bigger ones – Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Picture. Well, that was definitely not there this year.

The Obvious: How many of you had not guessed that Colin Firth would win the Best Actor, Natalie Portman would win the Best Actress and Tom Hooper would win the Best Director for The King’s Speech. I mean they were the obvious choices, were they not? Only difficulty would have been in the Best Picture category, for we had to choose one from a list of ten.

But even here, almost everyone of us were quite confident that it was either going to be The Social Network or The King’s Speech, with the latter grabbing away with that one too.

To all those who guessed the winners right this year, you are not the only ones mate, we did it too.

So, Who Won?: Anne Hathaway and James Franco were the hosts of this year’s Oscars and they kicked it off with a video spoof on Inception. Must admit, Anne looked fabulous in all her outfits and James Franco was not bad either. But, not every actor can pull off a Hugh Jackman hosting the Oscars. I guess that was enough said.

It was the legendary Tom Hanks who gave away the first award which was for Best Art Direction and it went to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Tim Burton’s 3D adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s novel also grabbed the Oscar for Best Costume Design taking its tally to two. Irony is, many technicians and actors won Oscars for Tim Burton’s movies, but Tim Burton does not even have a single Oscar nomination.

Mark Wahlberg’s The Fighter, grabbed the Oscars in the Supporting Actress (Melissa Leo) and the Supporting Actor (Christian Bale) categories, which were well deserved, although Geoffrey Rush was also in with a good chance for The King’s Speech.

Christopher Nolan’s Inception bagged four Oscars in the categories, Cinematography; Sound Editing; Sound Mixing and Visual Effects. Nolan himself was nominated in the Best Original Screenplay and Best Film category, although he did not manage to win.

The much adored The Social Network managed 3 Oscars in the categories, Best Writing Adapted Screenplay; Best Music and Best Editing. Both David Fincher and Jesse Eisenberg lost to Tom Hooper and Colin Firth.

Best Actor, Best Director, Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay went to The King’s Speech cast and crew.

Toy Story 3 also bagged two Oscars in the Best Animated Feature and Best Music Original Song categories while The Wolfman bagged one for Best Makeup.

True Grit, despite having several nominations, was unable to secure even one Oscar.

Kirk Douglas,Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Spielberg were also on stage for a while during the ceremony.

Overall, the Oscars 83 did not pack any surprises, but the winners deserved their awards well and truly. A toast to all the winners and a toast to all who are part of the Oscars history. Take a bow guys, it’s with these wonderful films of yours that you make us laugh, cry, sad, happy and what not.

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  1. I loved the article. Crisp, brilliantly put and interesting!!!! Though a lil disappointed with the fact that Social Network lost to the King’s Speech in the Best Movie Category, guess the best movie won!!!

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