Home Remedies for Tooth Pain


Tooth aches can be accompanied by infection, reddening, swelling and irritation. Sometimes, the pain may be unbearable. Most often, neglect and bad oral hygiene are the causes of toothache. If you are suffering from toothache do not worry, as this article reveals effective home remedies for tooth pain.

Home Remedies for Tooth Pain

  • Keep an icepack on the painful area to reduce pain. This is recommended because ice has proven numbing properties.
  • Add about five grams of peppermint to water. Add some salt. Now, boil this mixture. Wait till the water becomes tepid and drink the mixture. This solution is a great pain killer.
  • Slice a cucumber and hold a piece against the painful tooth to get a soothing effect.
  • Swish a mouthful of whiskey around the affected tooth. Alcohol can give an anesthetic effect and lessen the pain.
  • If your gums develop abscess, hold some oats there to bring out the pus. This will reduce the pain.
  • Keep a small amount of dried out peppermint leaves on the painful tooth for a few minutes. Repeat this for a few times throughout the day. Peppermint has two benefits. It can draw out the pus and lessen the pain.
  • Put a small amount of real vanilla extract on a piece of cotton. Keep this cotton ball on the affected location to numb the pain.
  • Clove has been used to reduce tooth pain since ancient times. Place a few cloves or use clove oil on the painful location to reduce soreness.
  • Apply an iodine drop on the painful tooth. But, be careful and ensure you do not swallow the iodine.
  • Grind some garlic into paste and add some salt. Apply this mixture on the impacted location.

The above given home remedies for tooth pain can help you get relief from your ordeal. To keep your teeth healthy, rinse your mouth with salt water after every meal and before going to bed.

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  1. clove is real good for your teeth pain.. i tried and its fantastic.. it work… amazing!!!!

  2. Great advice. Keeping those pearly whites clean and bateria free is the absolute best prevention measure on can take. I’ll have to try some of these home remedies if I ever need to but I hope to prevent an issue in the first place.

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