An Ingredient in Cannabis Can Increase the Sense of Taste in Cancer Patients

In a cancer patientai??i??s body, the nutrients supplied by the food are taken away by the malignant cells for their growth. This cause the normal healthy cells remain without nourishment. The patient experiences lack of interest in eating, no taste in food and weight loss. Treatments like chemotherapy also have these undesirable conditions as their side effects.

Increasing the sense of taste in food is part of the treatment for cancer. It increases the quality of life of the affected patients. In a recent success in this field, researchers from the Canada have found a component in Cannabis can increase the sense of taste in these people.

As part of the research, 21 advanced cancer patients who underwent chemotherapy in past and were experiencing lack of taste in food were studied.

In a treatment that lasted for 18 days, eleven of these patients were given capsules of cannabis containing a substance delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The rest were given a pseudo treatment for comparison of the results.

After the study, 73 percent patients from group 1 had increased appreciation for food in comparison to 30 percent of patients from group 2. There was improvement in quality of sleep and relaxation too for the participants from group 1.

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