U.S. Government Demands Confessions from Tobacco Firms


The U.S. Justice Department wants tobacco companies to own up to the fact that smoking causes numerous medical problems. In fact, smoking kills about 1,200 Americans each day. The U.S. government wants the tobacco industry to issue advertisements stating that cigarette companies lied about smoking dangers.

Many tobacco firms market light and low tar cigarettes as better alternatives to regular cigarettes. This ploy deceives people to continue smoking, while tobacco firms rake in huge profits.

Not surprisingly, tobacco companies have expressed disapproval about this government move. They say such a condition would violate constitutional standards. The U.S. government has proposed that tobacco firms issue statements that reveal the addictive nature of nicotine and the lack of benefit of smoking mild, ultra-light and low tar cigarettes. Besides, the negative effects of second-hand smoking should also be highlighted, the government says.

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