Self-Injury YouTube Videos Becoming Popular

YouTube is considered a boon to the Internet. But, it can also spread harm. Research reveals that YouTube videos depicting self-injury are becoming popular. In the U.S. about 20% of youngsters have injured themselves intentionally at least once. Now, YouTube is making this type of behavior popular by showing explicit videos that depict biting, hitting or burning oneself, picking at skin, and disturbing wounds.

Some of these videos play accompanying music that could glamorize such self-harming behavior. Many of these videos have been made favorites by viewers. The study, published in Pediatrics journal, reviewed the 100 most popular self-harm videos.

The researchers say the popularity of these videos is disturbing and alarming. They say such videos may trigger duplicate behavior among gullible youngsters. In fact, some of the self-injury videos were favorable towards their subject.

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