Regrowing Damaged Hearts Could be a Reality in the Near Future

Good news for those of you who have been enduring heart related troubles. Till recently, the virtue of regrowing a damaged heart belonged to a set of fish and amphibians only, unlike mammals. But, a new research conducted by Enzo R. Porello and a few other researchers at the University of Texas on one-day old mice has revealed interesting results.

The experimental set-up consisted of newborn mice with 15% of their hearts surgically removed. It was then observed that within 3 weeks the heart tissue grew back fully and started functioning normally by merging itself with the main organ. However, this regenerating capacity vanished after the 7th day. These findings have created a new hope among scientists, who feel that getting to understand the intricacies of how newborn mice are able to regrow their partially damaged hearts could lead to the development of therapies that can cure heart disorders in humans.

Some scientists have suggested that regrowth might be occurring from cardiomyocytes/heart muscle cells. On the other hand, a few researchers have come up with the possibility of involvement of stem cells. Some have voted for both the possibilities in combination. Whatever might be the reason behind this amazing outcome, let’s just hope it would become a reality in the coming years.

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