Dietary Fiber Intake Might Reduce Death Risk

According to a study which will soon be published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, dietary fiber might be linked to decreased risk of death from the cardiovascular diseases, infectious and respiratory ailments. Fiber intake can also reduce the chances of death from other health causes over nine-year period. According to previous studies, fiber is said to lower the risk of heart diseases, certain cancers, obesity and diabetes. It assists smooth bowel movements, lowers cholesterol levels, improves levels of blood sugar, promotes weight loss, reduces inflammation, and excrete cancer-causing agents.

Yikyung Park, from the National Cancer Institute, Rockville and the team observed the data collected from 168,999 women and 219,123 men. They answered food frequency questionnaire. The causes of deaths were known through records. The fiber intake of the participants were between 13 and 29 grams/day in men and between 11 and 26 grams/day in women. After nine year follow-up, 11,330 women and 20,126 men died. It was noticed that fiber consumption was linked to reduced risk of death among men and women. Participants consuming most amount of fiber had 22% less chances of death due to medical reason. The risk of infectious, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases was decreased between 24% and 56% in men and between 34% and 59% in women who consumed lots of fiber.

The authors concluded that fiber intake can do a world of good to health. Including fiber rich foods in your diet is a great way of keeping healthy.

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