Are We As Moral As We Think? Find Out!!!

A new study conducted by the researchers at the University of Toronto Scarborough tried to find out whether our moral predictions are in accordance with the actions we actually take. We might say that if the opportunity arise we would take a moral action. However, when the occasion really comes up do we stick to our decision of taking moral action? This forms the basis of the study published in the journal of the Association of Psychological Science, Psychological Science.

The study was conducted on three student groups who had to take a math test containing 15 questions. At the end of the experiment it was noticed that that participants’ actions were more moral than they had predicted. However, in some tests it was shown that the participants had acted less morally than they actually had thought.

According to Rimma Teper, the lead author of the study, emotions decide whether the moral reasoning would match up with moral action. Fear, love, guilt etc., all play a vital role in deciding our actions in a moral dilemma. There is other side to the story too. If the stakes are very high then emotions related to the potential gain might overpower the fear or anxiety associated with immoral action. The researchers concluded that it is our emotions which drives us to do right or wrong.

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