Liver and Proteins Can Affect Fertility

A new report appearing in Cell Metabolism, explains the importance of liver in the fertility. Estrogen receptors found in the liver are very vital for maintaining the fertility. Dietary amino acids which are the building blocks of the proteins control the expression of these estrogen receptors. For the first time the role of liver in fertility was demonstrated. The study also shows how a diet rich in protein can help in fertility. Similarly protein-poor diet can also have an effect on fertility.

Andriana Maggi from the University of Milan, Italy and her team noticed, by accident, that liver had the highest estrogen receptor activation in mice. Mice on calorie-restricted diet and with lack of estrogen receptors in the liver had a decline in a hormone responsible for the proper growth of the uterus lining. When these mice were fed more proteins, their reproductive system improved.

The researchers expressed the connection between, estrogen receptors in the liver, amino acids and the reproductive functions. This might explain why anorexic people are usually infertile. The study also explains why menopausal women face increased risk of inflammatory and metabolic diseases. This might be due to the lack of estrogen activity in the liver and its consequences.

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