Gender does not Determine the Risk of Death Due to Heart Attack

A study conducted at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center reveals that gender has nothing to do with heart attack deaths. It was observed that women after undergoing treatment like angioplasty had greater unadjusted heart attack deaths. However, these deaths were related to the age of the women and other health issues and not just because of gender, according to Elizabeth Jackson assistant professor at the U-M Health System.

In this five year study, the researchers examined 8,771 patients receiving treatment for severe heart attack. When the other factors like age and health issues were adjusted, women and men have the similar mortality rates during heart attack. Previous investigations have shown that women have had greater in-hospital mortality rates. Women also appear to bleed more in the hospital, leading to transfusion or the vascular complications.

Nearly twice as many American women die of cardiovascular diseases than cancers, including breast cancer. The study will break the misconcept that women are at a higher risk of death due to heart attack.

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