Fake Smile Can Affect the Productivity at Work

This one will surely put a genuine smile on your face. According to a study conducted at the Michigan State University, customer-service workers who put up a fake smile all through the day spoil their mood and also withdraw from work. This affects their productivity. On the other hand, workers with genuine smile because of the positive thoughts can improve their mood and experience less withdrawal from work. Smiling without feeling it leads to emotional exhaustion and work withdrawal which is bad for the organization.

For the study, Brent Scott, Assistant Professor (Management), and the research team studied a group of bus-drivers for two weeks. They assessed the effects of fake smiling and genuine one. This study examined the effects of emotional displays and also the gender differences. It was noticed that surface acting might improve the mood for a short period. But in the long run it becomes inauthentic. Women were affected more by this surface acting than men. But if they genuinely put in effort to smile, their mood improved and there was less withdrawal from work.

The reason behind these differences is not yet explored. The researchers feel that a fake smile with negative emotions is in conflict with the cultural norm. Changing the internal feelings by thinking about happy moments can actually improve the mood and also productivity. The study might help the employers to make their employees genuinely happy if they want positive results from them. The research is published in the Academy of Management Journal.

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