Cubicle Etiquette – The Unwritten Rules

An employee’s world when at the workplace is his/her cubicle. No matter how big the organisation may be, an employee considers that cubicle of his/hers as one’s own office. So, speaking of a cubicle, there is an etiquette to follow. This etiquette is a set of unwritten rules which must be exercised strictly. Failing to do so would make one a bad employee, enough said.

Cubicle Etiquette: When we say exercising cubicle etiquette, it definitely means mutually exercising it, i.e. people working in the cubicle and people sitting in the vicinity of the cubicle are to respect that space.

So, what exactly are these unwritten rules and how would one get to know about these rules if they are unwritten? Well, the answer is pretty simple. These rules are to be framed by yourselves and one definitely cannot be taught these rules. Let us see what exactly accounts for a good cubicle etiquette.

The Unwritten Rules: For all of you who are in a confusion about these unwritten rules, let us explore them one by one.

Privacy. How would you feel if someone barged into your room? Sounds so annoying, does it not? The same applies to a cubicle. Understand that cubicles are private spaces an they cannot be intruded. So, either be invited or ask to be invited into one’s cubicle.

Eavesdrop. Would you want someone else to hear your private conversations? They wouldn’t be private any more if they were overheard, would they? Agreed that unintentional getting to know stuff is possible, but keep it to yourselves. Do not even try to answer something you know but you were not asked.

Decibel levels. Keep the decibel levels down while working in the cubicles. So, no speaker phones please and of course don’t sing.

Neatness. Sure, it is your cubicle and you are the boss of your space. But, that doesn’t mean you can put up anything you like. Make sure you do not decorate your space with something that could prove to be offensive or too casual. This definitely makes your space untidy.

Nice aroma. Never eat at your cubicles, especially during office hours. There are people who are allergic to aromas and especially food aromas, you don’t want to hear and see them puke. At the same time, always work with your shoes on in the office, please, no one wants to smell your socks.

Hello. No one wants to give an opinion about how good your ringtone is. Keep your cell phone in vibration mode.

May I? Borrow with permission. You definitely don’t want things out of place on your own desk.

These are only a select few rules as the list can be endless. it is up to you on how you want to go about it in the office. Remember, you don’t want be termed a non-etiquette at the workplace.

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