One Can Minimize the Risk of Dementia: Study

With longer life span comes the increased risk of developing dementia. According to Laura Fratiglioni, a Swedish scientist, one can minimize the risk of dementia. Factors like blood pressure, weight, physical and mental acitivity might influence the cognitive functioning during old age. Laura Fratiglioni’s and the research group at Karolinska Institutet, identify the risk factors for dementia and use the knowledge to prevent the condition.

According to an expert panel, more than 24 million people suffer from dementia. 70% of the patients are above 75 years. Age is the biggest fator for dementia. The new research has shown that chances of developing the condition is partly due to the genetic susceptibility. An active physical, mental and social life can help delay or prevent dementia. The brain like any other part of the body needs stimulation to function properly. Elderly people who lead active life are at a lower risk of dementia.

The study will help many to protect themselves from the onset of dementia by overcoming the risk factors. Early education can act as preventative measure against the condition. The researchers also feel that it is never too late to start the protective measures.

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