Cardiovascular Issues in the Middle Age Linked to Memory Problems

According to a recent study, men and women, in their middle age, with cardiovascular issues like high cholesterol and blood pressure might be at a higher risk of developing memory and early cognitive problems. Higher cardiovascular risk is associated with faster cognitive decline in men and women than those with lower risk. The study was conducted by the researcher at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, Paris.

The study was conducted on 1,341 women and 3,486 men, average age being 55 years. They all had to undergo three cognitive tests in 10 years. The test measured their memory, reasoning, vocabulary and fluency. They also received Framingham risk score, used to predict the cardiovascular risk. It was noticed that people with higher cardiovascular risk had lower cognitive function and faster rate of cognitive decline.

According to Sara Kaffashian, the lead author, the study provides evidence that cardiovascular risk factors are associated with the cognitive problems. They also contribute to the cognitive decline.

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