Women Forgive More Than Men: Study

A research carried out at the University of the Basque Country reveals interesting findings about the emotional differences between the generations and the sexes. According to this Spanish study, parents tend to forgive their children more than vice versa. Women forgive more than their male counterparts. The findings will help in teaching values to the children as it shows the reasons why people forgive and the concept of forgiveness.

The study was carried out on 140 participants (parents and children in the age group of 45-60, and 17-25 respectively). It brings out two conditions important for an individual to be forgiven. One is ai???show remorseai??? and second is ai???not to hold grudgeai???.

Empathy is the main factor which decides an individual’s capacity to forgive. Women, by nature, are more empathetic than males. Both men and women see ai???not holding grudgeai??? as the best definition of forgiveness. Children feel that people forgive with time, whereas parents have other reasons like remorsefulness and legal justice. Parents and children both define forgiveness as not holding grudge, reconciliation and understanding.

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