Surgery for Heartburn Without Incisions

About 10% of the world population, including millions of Americans, suffer from heartburn or the other symptoms of reflux like chronic cough, regurgitation and dental erosions. These patients have to face either medication for lifetime or worsening of the symptoms. The other treatment option available till now was surgery. However, Scott & White Healthcare , Round Rock, has come up with a new procedure to treat heartburn in patients who do not respond to medication. This procedure is known as Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication (TIF). It uses a device called EsophyXAi?? and does not involve incisions.

Anti-reflux barrier is recreated between the stomach and the esophagus in TIF procedure. It is performed through the mouth. This way the body’s natural, physiological anatomy is restored which can prevent the reflux. As the procedure does not involve incisions, there is less pain, no visible scar and shorter recovery period.

Studies reveal that TIF can cut down medication dependency among the patients. 80% of the patients were off their daily medications after a couple of years. Their quality of life also improved remarkably. After the procedure, the patients could eat and drink the foods they had avoided earlier.

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