Store Your Baby’s ‘Fallen Teeth’ and Grow Stem Cells from Them

Milk Tooth
The next time your baby’s milk tooth falls off, don’t just bin it. You never know what the tooth has in store for your child’s future. This statement might seem strange, but the dental researchers reckon with it. What is all this about then? Well, welcome to the world of “Dental Stem Cells”, which serve the same purpose as that of Cord Blood Stem Cells derived from Umbilical Cord (tube that transfers nutrients from mother to baby in the womb) according to Joshua and Michael Saxe, the dental researchers from Las Vegas.

This could be more like a second opportunity for couples who did not store their baby’s cord blood stem cells. The baby teeth are shipped off to a laboratory, where they are frozen for future use. Stem cell pool is hidden in the dental pulp, which could probably be the solution to a variety of diseases according to the researchers from University of Nevada, where dental stem cell research is in a budding stage.

Though the scope of this field seems very promising, its potential is yet to be proved. Greenman, CEO, ‘Store-A-Tooth’ puts it this way, “We don’t know what’s going to come of these, what we know is it’s just a matter of time and funding.”

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