Women More Likely to Sacrifice Sleep for Kids


A new study reveals that women are much more likely to sacrifice their nightly sleep to help others. The study by University of Michigan researchers reveals that women get up much more frequently at night compared to men, to help dependents. And, once awake, women stay up longer than men.

Women get up at night to feed, or give medical and physical care to their young children. Among working parents who had a baby, 32% of women suffered sleep interruptions compared to 11% of men. Among parents with older kids, three percent of women and one percent of men reported interrupted sleep.

Initially, breast-feeding may be the reason why women wake up more at night. But, even later on, this trend continues as child-caring tasks do not seem to get evenly distributed between mother and father. Sleep-deprived mothers could suffer in their jobs.

Previous research reveals that lack of sleep in women can cause problems such as depression and sleep apnea. Among sole earners, 28% of women reported waking up at night to tend to their children, compared to four percent of men.

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