Quick Tips to Cut Calories Intake – Secret Out..!!

At the end of day, nobody wants to gain extra 40 calories for a day. If you cut 40 calories a day that implies to loss of one pound in a period of three months or four pounds per year. Thus, making small changes to your everyday diet can help reduce your calorie intake and these all will in turn help offset weight gain in a year.

Cutting calories is not a tough task, its just a matter of a few simple substitutions throughout the course of a day. Like a medium orange contains 60 calories whereas a cup of orange juice has 120 calories in it. So, try some of the ideas given in this article to cut down your daily calories intake and lose weight and remember the more tips you implement, the more calories you lose.

Ways to Cut Calories Intake

Ways to Cut Calories Intake
The following are a few magical ways to cut your calories intake –

  • Fresh FRUITS ai??i?? Take fresh fruits instead of fruit juices because juice contains ample amounts of sugar to sweeten it and one benefit is that fruits contains a lot of fiber which is good for digestion. So, prefer fruits instead of juices.
  • Eat less DESSERTS ai??i?? Cutting down on calories doesn’t mean to say no to desserts. You can take them, but in small proportions. If you avoid topping of chocolates or ice creams over your bun or other delicacies, then you can surely cut calories.
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  • WATER over sodas ai??i?? When you replace water over sugary sodas, it can save you hundreds of calories per day. If you are unable to give up soft drinks then go for diet soft drinks. Also, prefer coconut water over soft drinks as it can save you from sugar and it is also high in minerals and vitamins. Limit your intake for dairy, alcohol and juices.
  • Take PROTEINS ai??i?? A low carb and high protein diet can help keep fat away. Proteins require a complex process for energy release and they can also make you feel full very soon.
  • Less OIL ai??i?? Use a tablespoon of oil over a low flame instead of bathing your food in oil. Avoid deep frying, instead eat stir fry food. Avoid putting butter in your food and coat it in less amounts over toast. Healthy cooking oils should be used such as flax seeds oil and olive oil, which provides less calories and more Omega- 3 fatty acids.
  • Eat more FIBER ai??i?? Fiber intake is good for digestion as it adds bulk which also gives fullness to the stomach and so you will eat less. Thus, to get more fiber and less calories, you must eat carrots, green leafy vegetables and unrefined grains.
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  • Eat in SMALL PORTIONS ai??i?? Instead of eating three big meals a day, you should take 4 to 5 small portions of meal throughout the day. This helps keep your metabolism busy throughout the day. So, it is better to take 3 meals with 2 snacks a day.
  • Cut STARCHY Foods ai??i?? Starchy foods like potatoes and sweet potato have a lot of calories, so it is best to avoid them or eat in less amounts. Replace them with legumes like peas, kidney beans and chickpeas etc, which are rich in vitamins.
  • WHOLE GRAINS ai??i?? You should always consume whole grain foods like whole grain pasta, whole grain breads as it provides less calories and more nutrition. Whole grains are also a rich source of iron and fiber.
  • Prefer HOME MADE FOOD ai??i?? Whenever we go out, we eat more than we really need and gain too many calories. When we eat at home, we can ourselves decide what to eat and how much to eat.

Thus, above described points are some of the smartest ways to cut your calories intake. By making some minor changes in your daily diet, you can lose weight and maintain a slim figure without too much of hardship.

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