Mobile Phone Usage Not Related to Brain Cancer Risk: UK Study

There have been speculations about the exposure to the radio frequency and the risk of developing brain cancer. The latest research by the scientists at the University of Manchester says that the exposure to the radio frequency from the cell phones does not increase the brain cancer risk among the users. The data used for the study was collected from the UK Office of National Statistics to observe the trends in the brain cancer rates in England from 1998 to 2007.

During the study, the researchers noticed that there was only a small increase in the cancer incidences (0.6 cases/100,00 people or 31 new cases in 52 million population every year). In fact, there was a decline in the brain cancer of the cerebrum, parietal lobe and cerebellum among men. The authors concluded that there is no biological mechanism for the radio waves to directly damage the genes, making the cells cancerous. Radio frequency exposure might promote the growth of already existing brain tumor.

According to Dr. Frank de Vocht, from the University of Manchester and the lead author, there has been a steep increase in the usage of the mobile phones in the UK and the rest of the world. However, the findings of this study does not show any casual link between the usage of mobile phones and the cancer. There has not been any significant increase in the brain cancer cases since the introduction of the cell phones and their rapid proliferation. The study appears in the journal Bioelectromagnetics.

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