Female-Relevant Topics Can Encourage Girl Students to Study Science

Girls are more likely to study science if the topics are discussed in a female friendly manner, according to a study appearing in the British Journal of Educational Psychology by BPS Journals in partnership with Wiley-Blackwell. There has been a considerable decline in the number of students opting for scientific fields like physics, statistic and information technology.These fields are vital for the growth of the nation. As girls and boys both perform equally well in science, it would be a good idea to encourage girls to choose these subjects. Girls usually do not opt for these topics for lack of interest.

Dr Sylvie Kerger, University of Luxembourg, study author, interviewed about 160 girls and 134 boys, aged 14, about their interest in 80 topics. Girls found social and real topics like deforestation more interesting. For boys, it was technology and mechanics which caught their interest.

The study suggests that making the topics more relevant to girls might motivate them to study these subjects. It was also suggested that the schools and teachers can present the same concept in different context. The students will have the option of choosing the topics which interest them the most.

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