Be Careful! Your Child Might Become Pathological Gamer

A new study by the Associate Professor of Psychology (Iowa State) along with five researchers from Hong Kong and Singapore has thrown light on the video game ai???addiction. The phenomenon exists globally and many children might become pathological gamers. The risk factors for this type of addiction are longer periods of gaming, low social competence and higher impulsiveness. The two-year long study on around 3,034 students (3rd to 8th graders) in Singapore revealed that about 9% gamers are pathological players. They face the problems of anxiety, depression, lower school performance and social phobias.

The addiction is a global phenomenon
The researchers noticed that the condition is similar in other nations too where the percentage of pathological gamers are:

  • China- 10.3%
  • United States- 8.5%
  • Australia- 8%
  • Taiwan- 7.5%
  • Germany- 11.9%

The pathological gaming damages multiple areas of a person’s life like school, family, work, social, psychological etc.

Behavioral problems of a pathological gamer
Once a person is addicted to gaming, the gamer is more likely to become depressed, have increased level of anxiety and more social phobias. As children get more addicted to the video games these symptoms increase. On the other hand, if the addiction is controlled then all the signs reduce. Although, it should be noted that simply playing video games for prolonged period is not considered as pathological gaming. If the gaming starts causing problems in other areas of life then it is a serious condition. The study will appear in the journal Pediatrics shortly.

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