More Health Issues for Children of Working Moms: Study

A research study conducted at North Carolina State University found that children of mothers who work outside the home are more likely to develop health problems such as asthma than children of mothers who stay at home.

In earlier studies, it was recognized that children of working mothers usually have better health due to more income, health insurance availability and the motherai??i??s increased self-esteem. However Dr. Melinda Morrill, Assistant Professor at North Caroline State University and the studyai??i??s author, found this to be untrue. The research involved studying nearly 20 years worth of data (collected between 1985 and 2004) and included approximately 89,000 children from the Centers for Disease Controlai??i??s (CDC) National Health Interview Survey.

Dr Morrillai??i??s study assessed the health of school-age children with a younger sibling or siblings at home. When the mother leaves the home for work, it was documented there is a 200% increase in one of the three following health issues: asthma attacks, overnight hospitalization and poisoning, or other injuries.

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