Impaired Brain Insulin Function Might Initiate or Worsen Diabetes

According to a research conducted at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, the improper insulin action of the brain might cause unrestrained lipolysis which initiates or worsens the Type 2 diabetes. It was a known fact that insulin can suppress lipolysis. It is a process where triglycerides in fats break down and the fatty acids get released. However, the latest finding that the brain plays a major role in the whole process comes as a surprise.

Christoph Buettner, MD and Assistant Professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, infused a small amount of insulin inside the brains of the rats and then observed the lipid and glucose metabolism in the body. The team noticed that the brain insulin had suppressed lipolysis. In mice without the brain insulin receptor the lipolysis remained unrestrained. Fatty acids can worsen the condition in diabetics.

When the brain insulin function gets disturbed then there is an increase in the release of the fatty acids. This leads to inflammation and worsen the insulin resistance. The research brings to light the fact that improving the brain insulin function can be of assistance in the treatment of diabetes. The research is published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

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