Have the Researchers Found the Hair Loss Solution?

Researchers from the Veterans Administration and UCLA, by accident, stumbled upon a solution for hair growth. The scientists were investigating the effect of stress on gastrointestinal function. They discovered that a chemical compound might induce hair growth by restricting the stress-related hormone which is associated with hair loss.

The researchers used genetically altered mice which were overproducing the stress hormone known as CRF or corticotrophin-releasing factor. In the long run, the mice lost their hair on the back and turned bald. The team injected the mice with astressin-B, a peptide which can block the action of the CRF. The researchers wanted to study the effect of CRF on the gastrointestinal function. After three months, the scientists discovered that the hair had grown on the bald backs of the mice. The scientists unequivocally confirmed that the hair growth was because of the astressin-B peptide.

Till now, the study has been conducted only on the mice. Whether the findings hold true for human beings too has to be confirmed. However, the scientists see a promising solution for hair loss in astressin-B. The study appears in the online journal PLoS ONE.

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