Zinc Supplements Can Reduce Common Cold Symptoms

A review published in the The Cochrane Library, zinc supplements can bring down the duration and the severity of the illness caused due to the common cold. Common cold accounts for about 40% of the time lost at work and school. Therefore, the study can help many employees and students to minimize the time lost due to the cold. The idea about zinc reducing the symptoms of cold was brought to light in 1984. Many trials have been carried out since then.

In the study, 15 trials were carried out on about 1,360 people. As per the results, zinc syrup , tablets or lozenges when taken at the onset of the cold symptoms can reduce the durations and the severity of the symptoms. By seven days, most of the patients taking zinc had reduced symptoms than those who were taking the placebos. Zinc can decrease the use of antibiotics in children which is a good thing. Overuse of antibiotics by children can cause antibiotic resistance.

Meenu Singh, the lead researcher of the study, says that the review proves that zinc can be used as a treatment for common cold. However, more researches need to be carried out to see the efficacy of zinc supplements on asthmatics.

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