Your Smartphone Applications Determine Your Computing Style

This is quite an interesting study which says that your smartphone applications can determine your personality. The study was conducted by Trevor Pinch, who has worked as a consultant for Nokia, the Finnish telecomm giant. He is also a Professor for Science and Technology Studies.

Finch surveyed the data on the application usage from 5,000 users of smartphones in 10 different countries to create the ai???appitypesai??? to define the user profiles. These appitypes project the identity of the user and help the developers too. Finch gives a few examples to explain his point. ai???Appcentricai??? is the one who uses the phone as the main computing device. ai???Appthusiastai??? is the one who needs to search and download the latest applications. ai???Live Wireai??? is someone who downloads a combination of social, fitness and travel apps. ai???Creatorsai??? carry various apps to spontaneously produce something creative.

The survey also found out that the Germans downloaded alarm clock and flashlight apps; Chinese were interested in news apps; Brazilians wanted social networking and music apps; South Africans were into social networking apps and Indians preferred business apps.

Since human and technology have become inseparable, this study will help to make this connection a more meaningful and creative one.

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