Resistance to Domestic Violence Depends upon Woman’s Position in Family and Community

According to a research conducted at the Concordia University, a woman’s defences to resist violence greatly depend upon her position in the family and that in the community.

Stephanie Paterson, the study author, says that wealth is just one of the factors that help women escape violence. There are other aspects involved which help her resist violence.

Paterson divides the factors into tangible ones like caring personal network and intangible like partner’s perception of the woman’s resources. If a partner/spouse feels that a woman is at strong position to resist violence then he might reconsider doing so.

For women to use their negotiation tactics against domestic violence, the society needs to change at household and the public policy level. Women should be provided with sufficient material resources. Besides this, there is a need to address the authority in the family. By creating system that makes the resistance against domestic violence effective and possible, we can prevent the violence at home. The study appears in the journal Review of Radical Political Economics.

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