A Good Cycling Posture

With more and more stress being laid on the need for a greener environment, many people today are switching to eco-friendly modes of transport like bicycles which not only saves the consumption of fuels, but also reduces the carbon footprint. A very good way to protect our mother earth, but at the same time we need to protect ourselves too.

Wondering from what? From the physical stress that cycling causes. No doubt, cycling is a wonderful exercise and keeps the body fit. But, like with any other exercise, a proper posture is utmost important in order to avoid any disastrous consequences that can potentially affect our limbs.

A Good Posture: A normal sitting or standing posture that is considered ideal is not suitable while riding a bicycle. Do you know what all regions are involved while riding a bicycle? Let me tell you. The feet, ankles, Achilles tendon, thighs, knees, bottom, hands, fingers, wrists, shoulders, back and the neck.

An improper posture can cause injuries to any of these limbs. So, what exactly should the posture be?

  • Firstly, the back should remain arched, repeat, arched and not drooped. An arched position will flex the spine properly when any jolts and bumps are experienced.
  • Secondly, the elbows should remain bent and not stiff. Most amateur bikers make the mistake of maintaining stiff elbows which can restrict the shoulders from acting as shock absorbers.
  • Thirdly, the shoulders should be bent forwards thus, allowing the chest to carry the weight of the body.

When this posture is maintained, the reaction of the pedaling action would not be felt by the either the bones are the muscles alone. Also, the jolts experienced during the ride would be minimised thus not affecting any muscles or ligaments as such.

The Bicycle: Based on the kind of roads and regions you would be cycling in, the bicycle should also vary. For instance, those residing in hilly regions would require a mountain bike and not a race bike. Similarly, based on your height and measurements, the seat and the handle should be adjusted accordingly.

If you are not comfortable with using a race bike, where the handles remain bent and not straight, then do not use it. Comfort is as important as trying to ride a fancy bike.

Cycling with a good posture is essential for maintaining healthy bones and muscles. Else while trying to save the environment and spend less money on fuel, you might end up harming yourselves and spending on treatment.

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